Monday, April 9, 2012

23 Things I'd Say if The Oldest Would Listen

  1. I love you. Yes, I say it every time we see each other. And I will say it until you hear it. 
  2. You are a blessing, and still one of the greatest things that ever happened in my life
  3. None of the horror that happened in your childhood was your fault. NONE of it. 
  4. Stop hating yourself for how you responded to what happened in your childhood. You were a child - you didn't know what else to do
  5. You are responsible for the choices you continue to make now - addicted or not, you are the one choosing not to get help, to use drugs instead of dealing with what's behind them, to steal  from your family to get those drugs, etc. Yes, you are an addict and you've been through hell. You are still responsible for what you're doing now
  6. Your brother misses you - the you who was his friend, hero and protector before he became one of your victims
  7. Your father loves you, in his never-quite-sure-what-to-do way
  8. Your aunts, uncles and cousins love you 
  9. You are brilliant - far brighter and wiser than most people could hope to be. Act like it 
  10. You have one of the biggest hearts I know - stop squelching it
  11. You really need a hair cut. Just sayin' 
  12. People pay good money to try to develop the talent you naturally have - stop squelching that too!
  13. You have all the opportunity in the world - for love, support, help, education - you just have to accept it
  14. Nothing will change until you deal with the demons that haunt you
  15. I will let you fall - I'm strong enough for that now. I will let you fall hard if that's what it takes for you to get help
  16. Dream. Dream big. Those dreams will keep you moving forward
  17. I know you think your friends are great guys. Maybe they are, but they aren't helping you. Surround yourself with people who pull you upwards and forwards. 
  18. Your grandparents love you & miss you so much it hurts them to talk about you. But they do - because you are their grandson and they love you 
  19. Love and hope trump fear every day
  20. We are not giving up on you. Ever
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  1. We have family that has dealt (is dealing) with type of struggle. Watching it from afar is such a helpless feeling; but, the love of a mother is an incredibly powerful, incredibly strong thing & an inspiration to us all. You are in my heart today.

  2. Thanks, Brandee. It's been a long weekend in a lot of ways. Today the sun is shining, and things are looking up.