Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Best of Times?

Work has been busy. Life has been even busier. So even though I've had lots of things I wanted to share and lots of conversations with The Oldest and The Little One, I just haven't quite gotten over here to share.

I suppose in a lot of ways there's more for me to say when things are going wrong. But the nature of addiction is that things go well, and then ... less so. And right now we're in a good spell with The Oldest  He's working. He's got a great place to live with a friend who only annoys him about half the time. The 'friend' who he did the worst drugs with has left town. And best of all, he's planning for the future that a year ago he didn't even think was worth living long enough to see.

Things are good. Right now. For The Oldest.  The Little One is struggling. Wobbles happen. So. There's good news - university applications included (rousing cheer!). And I continue to hold my breath. To wait for the wobble to turn into a quake. To wonder who's going to go off the rails next. And I continue to wonder what I'm supposed to be doing about it all.